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Houston, United States
I'm not a fag, gay, queer, bi or even a straight. Iím just me.......I like guys without having to be boxed in with a title.
I don't have to do drugs, the scene, be a slut or follow any paticular trend to get by.
I wont settle for the 1st guy that looks my way. I aint stuck up either.

I have msn if you want to chat.
Looking for
Dont be the original. I'm not after gym fit, the latest fashion guru or the local club junkie.
I wanna meet fun guys to do fun stuff wif.
Things i look for in a guy is maturity, integrity, trust, consideration & respect.

Prefer uncut. To me, uncut is a preference and not a fetish.
Things that put me off the most are people that are selfish, intentionally rude or self-absorbed.